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Salman & Alvita – Gedong Putih | Zulfa Catering & Bakery - Katering Bandung Kualitas Terbaik
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It was such an honor to be a part of Salman and Alvita wedding. It is nothing less than a Royal Wedding, especially considering that it is the wedding of West Java’s Governor’s son.

The day’s charm is clearly visible through each and every one of surprises they had for the gigantic amount of guests. Sprinkled with numerous guest stars that light up the mood plus the beautiful details of the groom and bride’s presentation, this wedding is a catch to everyone’s eyes. Not to mention how they are successfully held an outdoor party that make everything seem so much more earthy.

We sincerely hope that Salman and Alvita’s family can always be as grand and as perfect as their wedding was. Thank you for trusting us!