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Rininta & Anindito – Bumi Samami | Zulfa Catering & Bakery - Katering Bandung Kualitas Terbaik
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Do you happen to catch Rininta and Anindito wedding last saturday? If you do, then you are one of the luckiest people to witness the form of a true love and happiness. Not only that the bride and groom celebrating love for each other, it’s also a day where everyone whom they have known flood them with bless and wishful thoughts.

The way the lovely couple treat everyone in their special day with outdoor themed party was a big success. Everyone seems to enjoy their moment and smiles are never out of the picture. The decoration is perfect, the color they chose just compliment everything in it even more. To sum it up, it’s a wedding to dream for!

Congratulation and thankyou for choosing us